Advanced CNC Milling

Our company utilizes cutting-edge vertical machining centers to manufacture parts with intricate dimensional specifications. Our equipment’s impressive capacity enables the processing of parts up to 800x500x500 mm, ensuring precision and efficiency in production.

Versatile CNC Turning

Our company boasts multiple automatic CNC turning machines featuring active milling tools. With equipment capable of crafting parts up to 500 mm in diameter and up to 1000 mm in length, we offer versatility in turning and milling operations.

Comprehensive Metalworking Solutions

In addition to our core services, our company provides a wide range of supplementary metalworking solutions, including sawing, drilling, grinding, bending, polishing, and more, ensuring comprehensive support for your manufacturing needs.

Value-Added Services

Beyond our core operations, we offer valuable services such as assembling parts produced by us with customer-supplied components (including plastic and other materials from various suppliers) and accommodating diverse packaging requirements, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for our customers.

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